Behind A Bitter Pill… Q & A with author Tiffany Gholar

One book with four different covers is just one aspect of the special story and brilliance behind ‘A Bitter Pill to Swallow’, just released from Blurb Books as the debut novel from writer and visual artist Tiffany Gholar. ‘A Bitter Pill to Swallow’ is a literal and figurative testimony of perseverance, triumph and concern for humanity in a novel debut more than twenty years in the making. Continue reading

My Favorite Life’s Essentials With Ruby Dee™

The filmmakers will next take Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee™ to New York City and the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Saturday, March 28. To keep up with new screenings as well as upcoming news about DVD availability, follow hasthtags #RubyDeeStory and #LoveArtActivism. Continue reading

We Love Barbie…But We Need New Dolls: My piece on Artist Tiffany Gholar over at

“As a young woman dealing with my own issues of body image, I began to look differently at Barbie dolls. I began to wonder whether my re-emerging interest in fashion dolls was a good or a bad thing. And the more I confronted my own disordered patterns of eating and exercise, the more I realized the extent to which social pressure to conform to such stringent standards was the real issue I was facing.” -Tiffany Gholar, THE DOLL PROJECT Continue reading

Laboring a novel online…

Because of information, images, stories and archives on the Internet, I was able to massage those old memories from the comfort of my own home (as opposed to daylong stints in the library, which I still love to have). I am quite sure I was able to go deeper into some topics and subjects because of online archiving. Furthermore, I was able to publish parts of the work online in outside venues, to cement the idea the book was real and not just a whim of my imagination. Continue reading

Marion Ettlinger’s Author Photos: Black Writers Shot by Famed Literary Photographer

 About Marion Ettlinger: Marion Ettlinger graduated from the High School of Music and Art and The Cooper Union in New York City. She has been photographing writers since 1983. Her book Author Photo, Portraits: 1983-2002, containing more than 200 black-and-white portraits shot exclusively … Continue reading



Maya Angelou, Lyrical Witness of the Jim Crow South, Dies at 86.

(photo by Chester Higgins, Jr., for The New York Times)

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