Negress: a woman of African descent… digression: a departure from the main subject in speech or writing

negression.com is an elegant retreat, cultural diary, eclectic blend of candid features engaging the arts, culture, women and justice from Kalisha Buckhanon.

Kalisha Buckhanon is a writer, speaker and commentator creating stories and media about African-Americans, women, love, and justice. Visit her website www.Kalisha.com.

“Kalisha Buckhanon has no trouble taking readers into the lives of those we often pass by.”

Essence Magazine

“A young woman who has become a major American storyteller.”


“Kalisha Buckhanon’s characters are both fearless and haunted, brave and burdened by the past.”

Jesmyn Ward

“Kalisha Buckhanon has proven to be a distinctive author in her own right, able to capture and share the voice of today’s youth in solid, and enchanting, literary fashion.”

Fresh Fiction