Make a Difference Today for Black Art and Culture

I am ashamed I just found out about my friend’s, and one of my biggest fan’s, campaign to bring yet another outstanding conference and extended examination of Black culture to our America. But, it is never too late to wake up and I still have 24 hours to urge all my readers, followers and fans to contribute to this very significant Kickstarter campaign. $5000 must be raised today, or early tomorrow morning, to fund the entire $12,000 goal.

We live in times where funding for arts, culture and activism are on the chopping blocks- left to the people to sustain, continue and keep alive. I know there are many causes and organizations out there vying for your time and attention and money, but this is one I know firsthand is truly all it says it is.

Practically a one-man show with some volunteers and grant money, Literary Freedom Project and Mosaic Literary Magazine remain one of the final bastions of recognition and applause for far too many of our Black writers, artists and photographers in America. Their number of magazine issues, conferences and social media engagement to celebrate us is practically unprecedented in these times. This major presence in New York City picks up where other media does not bother to go.

I wished we lived in a world where people cared about this necessary and pivotal work as much as Hollywood gossip, viral videos and witch hunts. We don’t, so please take a moment- or better yet, give up a day or two at Starbucks- to show you care for this. Enough people have already gotten the fund halfway there. Please help to bring it home.

Thank you everyone.


Your thoughts are valued. Thank you for reading.

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