Stories of Dynamic Women In Print and On Screen (Part One)

Diary of Anne Frank

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Chances are, Hollywood producers will find a way to turn young Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai’s triumphant story I Am Malala into a movie sooner than we all learn to pronounce her last name. In the meantime, here are five women’s true-to-life tales you … Continue reading

Remembering Director Mike Nichols Through His Movies

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It is a miracle and luck when any work of art, creative piece or cultural manufacture reaches out and touches those like it depicts. However, it is supernatural and magic when a work of art, creative piece or cultural manufacture so far beyond an aesthete’s race, class, gender and experience arrives to inspire and introduce new lives to them. The handful of works I know from Mr. Nichols all do that for me. Continue reading

Are You a Joyce Vincent?

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I still from documentary film on Joyce Vincent: “Dreams of a Life” There is a defining 21st Century Western World story about a Black female Londonder who passed away in her government-subsidized bedsit/SRO flat in 2003,…

10 Black Women’s Book-to-Film Adaptations*


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Maya Angelou, Alice Walker and Gloria Naylor were early trailblazers for cinematic adaptations of Negress stories. Adaptations of their autobiography, novel and stories catapulted their work and names to national prominence their Harlem Renaissance and Black Power Movement predecessors were unable to enjoy in their lifetimes. Continue reading

Yes! Films About Black Writers Do Exist (Part Two)

The Best Man

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Flavorwire recently published a Top 50 Films About Writers list. Only one black-cast film was included. Here’s a bit of a correction. Continue reading

Are You a Joyce Vincent?

I A definitive 21st Century Western biography concerns a Black female Londonder who passed away in her government-subsidized bedsit/SRO flat in 2003, at a time she was wrapping Christmas presents and writing Christmas cards—and she remained in there, seated on her couch, putrefying … Continue reading


Lee Daniels’ The Butler is the culmination of what blacks in Hollywood, from its Golden Age unto its present, expected our contested involvement in the movies could, should and would be. And it is the reason why not only African-American people, but all … Continue reading

Good Black Stuff…

Portrait of Jason

I am so excited and overwhelmed with the fabulous things Black American people are doing in the arts now.   Everywhere I turn, there’s something new to be proud of.  A picture can be worth a thousand words.  Not sure if I … Continue reading

Bush Mamas: A Black Film Gives Birth to Sociohorror

Bush Mama

  Professor, Writer and Director Haile Gerima’s 1975 student thesis film Bush Mama premiered on the independent and student film circuit a year before I was born. I was born in the small-town Midwest: Kankakee, Illinois, a town most people have … Continue reading