A Powerful 2017 For Us All…

Harlem Arts Salon

We can all magnify our voices this year, to make some serious contributions and change some lives. I hope you take your ideas and visions- a new business, more love in your relationships, superior health, more education- to new heights. Continue reading

A Solemn Summer…

Kalisha Signing Solemn - Negression

I hope, as this summer played out and I was blessed with many beautiful experiences from SOLEMN, my elders were looking down smiling and watching and knowing how much I appreciated their influence in my life, to bring me the opportunities they dreamed their hard work and sacrifices would yield for others. Continue reading

Kalisha Buckhanon 

My friend Erika Rose gave me my first ever “fun” interview on her blog “Word Crafting Me.” We go way back…like, way back to bobby pins and ponytails and crushes and mythology exams and… So read if you dare find out I’m not nearly as serious as I know I look.

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2015 will be hard to top but let’s try…

I could not have asked for a better 2015…In ways I could have never planned or imagined, nearly every part of my life as a constant and lifelong writer flourished in its own organic way: fiction, non-fiction, stories, novels, theater, entertaining, reading, teaching and activism. I was just totally blessed. Continue reading