Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving all! I am giving thanks for another opportunity to watch the holidays come and the world go round.

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I am grateful this year for great strides in my health and the health of those I love, as well as strides and growth in my career and businesses I can feel expanding beyond books and publishing, for new challenges but joy to fold all my experience up to new things and heights.

I am grateful Planet Earth is still giving us a chance we don’t deserve, the kids went back to school, the movie and stage theaters have opened, the gym is right around the corner for all the food I need to work off all the time, the new book is done and the next one is started, it’s not freezing in Chicago yet… in other words, a lot.

Thank you for stopping! Back to munching and scrolling, munching and scrolling….

Click to learn how you can help hungry kids!

A reminder I’m a “No Kid Hungry” blogger. No Kid Hungry not only operates direct feeding programs in schools, community centers and more for American children who suffer from food instability. They are also a huge community asset with the many programs they run throughout the country to inspire people to make healthy food choices and give back.

For instance, some favorite restaurants you already dine in could participate in No Kid Hungry’s give back program, where a portion of sales are donated to local food shelters and pantries.

Enjoy your day, family, friends, loved ones and food!

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