Kalisha Buckhanon: Interview

I am grateful to Ron Kavanaugh and Mosaic Literary Magazine‘s initial interview feature on me for my second novel Conception in 2009, and their recent re-posting of that lengthy interview with poet Tara Betts in celebration of my new novel Solemn. It is interesting how life changes, thoughts evolve and personal visions expand. However, this interview from my past reminds me of one thing that has been constant all my life: I do love creating stories and sharing them with the world I share. Enjoy!

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Mosaic Literary Magazine

With the release of her new book, Solemn, we revisit Kalisha Buckhanon’s interview with Tara Betts, which appeared in Mosaic #23 in fall 2008.


When I was growing up in Kankakee, Illinois, Kalisha Buckhanon and I crossed paths in so many ways. We were both looking for ways to accomplish something. When I was on the way out as a high school senior, I remember seeing her onstage at our high school’s auditorium and saying that girl is going places. I remember chatting with her outside the Kankakee Public Library where I had my first job, and communicating over the years while she attended University of Chicago and I was on the north side attending Loyola University.

We managed to stay in touch. She curated readings with the likes of Sonia Sanchez, attended school, worked, and wrote at night. I curated readings and taught while performing and studying…

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