This Week in ‘Solemn’: Lovely interview, Essence review and Friday Twitterchat!

On my agenda this weekend are to write on two New York City subjects while I am still here to properly absorb them: the newly released documentary “The Witness,” on the younger brother’s perspective of the controversial 1964 death of his sister Kitty Genovese, and “All the Ladies Say,” a documentary in-progress about Bgirls in hip-hop and the film’s spearhead Rokafella. I am on pins and needles as I wait to see the film, see Rokafella perform in Harlem and contemplate both the power and vulnerability of women in this world. I could not find out about either and not plan to write on them for Negression.

I have been beholden to the interest and coverage for my new novel Solemn, newly released this past May and supported by many of you who enjoy my writings here. The community and interest in my work, and fellowship with other writers, made an immeasurable difference in being able to complete the book. However now I believe the novel has learned to crawl and is getting ready for training wheels, so I look forward to carving out my usual time to freeflow, brainstorm, and just write for the hell of it again, soon.

In the meantime I want to invite all of you to a Twitter Chat with Erin Bass, editor of Deep South Magazine, and me on Solemn this Friday, June 17, at 1 p.m. CST/2 p.m. EST. You can find just a little of what we will have to talk about in her very lively and free interview with me, just posted today, “A ‘Solemn’ Assembly.” And, I am so appreciative the magazine noticed my love of food and its role in the culture I come from. Please enjoy their “Fancy Sweet Potato Pie” recipe Solemn inspired. Just follow the hashtags #SouthernLit and #SouthernLitChat to jump on in with us at any point convenient for you.


Essence July 2016For those who already subscribe to Essence magazine, and you should, I am honored Editorial Director Patrik Bass chose Solemn as one of 5 “Patrik’s Picks” for the July issue. You may also pick up the issue, on newsstands this week. It is a huge bonus one of my favorite male singers, Maxwell, graces the cover of this issue I plan to keep for a very long time. He writes “Kalisha Buckhanon has no problem taking readers into the lives of those we often pass by.” I appreciate the understanding of my mission in writing, to shine lights into the lives of those who most likely will never write books to tell their own tales.

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