Spirit of Writing Week 10: Very Inspiring Bloggers


I normally do Spirit of Writing “lessons” or “advice”-style posts on #WritingWednesday, but of course it’s hard to concentrate amidst not only the holidays but end-of-the-year housekeepings.

Instead, I am going to give some of the good news all writers must continually harness in order to stay on the path, as well as combine the spirit of writing with the holiday spirit of gift-giving by pointing my readers to my own Very Inspiring Bloggers.

I have Ruth’s Poetry  to thank for nominating me as one of her Very Inspiring Bloggers. Given I have had my blog for a couple of years but only this year made a conscious decision to spread my ideas and voice on it, her thoughts and considerations to me were a wonderful way to end my year affirmed and validated in that decision. I am happily getting to know her blog as well.

Furthermore, her nomination gives me a chance to bless and gift others who have made that decision special and important. For those who want to share the love, here are the rules for this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

2. Display the award on your post.

3. Proudly display the award logo (or buttons) on your blog, whether on your side bar, ABOUT page, or a special page for awards.

4. State 7 things about yourself.

5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

6. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them. Provide a link to your post.

It’s hard to know what others time commitments or online communication styles are, and so I want to list the following blogs not so much as nominees obliged to join me (unless they want to) and more as people I think others should visit.


The Language We Speak
Tiffany M. Davis
Mum C. Writes
Rethinking Life
Love, Happiness and Peace

Candace Habte
Mihran Kalaydijian
Properly Improper
Rose of Sharon Healing
A Well Read Woman

Andwisa Blogs
Indahs: travel story and photography 
A Writer’s Path

My Obscure View

La Incognegra

In The Moment


1. I am a proud April Fool’s Day baby, but even prouder Aries.

2. Some of my past jobs in writing/communications/publishing include Media Relations Specialist for National Black MBA Association headquarters in Chicago, freelance Assistant Editor for Black MBA Magazine, Editorial Assistant for University of Chicago Press, temp/Girl Friday at Essence Communications Partners in New York City and a papergirl for the Kankakee Daily Journal in my hometown when I was 12 and 13.

3. Some of my past “anything-but” writing/communications/publishing jobs include lab assistant at my hometown’s wastewater plant (I mostly washed glass beakers and swept the floor), kitchen worker in my hometown’s Catholic hospital, shop girl at Carson Pirie Scott, shop girl at the GAP in Union Square/New York City, pre-school teacher, temp at Girl Scout headquarters in New York (where I got caught shipping out my short stories through the mail room).

4. I was a Cat Mommy to two cats named Nibbles and Bubbles for 10 years, and I have been Cat Mommy to Ralph and Alice almost 5 years.

5. I was Miss Junior Kankakee of my hometown when I was 16, with some really bad pictures somewhere to prove it.

6. Unless I am actively fighting to reverse it I am a nocturnal insomniatic, which I think anyone who hangs out with me online eventually figures out.

7. My favorite dessert I will order every time I see it on a menu and no matter where I am is crème brulee.

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