Many Blessings…

It often seems to be feast or famine, but both do multiply themselves if you let them. I made a decision sometime ago to let the feast multiply of anything was to. I thank God for many blessings to share. Continue reading

“Spirit of Writing” is now a class at The Eckleburg Workshops…hope to work with you!

I am so happy I found an opportunity through The Eckleburg Workshops to teach online starting July 5, 2015, in a combination writing/life skills course called “The Spirit of Writing.” I posted the mini-class weekly here on Negression last Fall. The course is meant to draw people like I used to be, a buried creator and bustled imaginer the world was worse off without. For more info or to join, visit: Continue reading

Spirit of Writing Week 9: Useful Gifts For Writers (and Free Tips too…)

There is something in the nature of the loner personality both ill-fated and magically destined to imagine for a living which creates a kleptomania for life overall, the evidence of which are astounding collections of curiosities and mementos and souvenirs and of course BOOKS. And, it is actually okay for you to add to it with the right gifts…End 2014 writing, not planning to write again in 2015. The Spirit of Writing: 12 Weeks of Practice. Continue reading