Great African-American Books of 2014

Kinda Like BrothersBrown Girl Dreaming Death of a King Debbie Everybody's Gor Something Into the Go-Slow Land of Love Our Declaration Ruby Saint Monkey Song of the Shank Steve Harvey Things I Should Have Told My Daughter Unexpected Stories Untamed State Compiling this list of 2014 books by or about Black Americans which I read cover-to-cover or keep on my “To Read” mantle now is how I have officially begun my holidays; there is just something about putting hands deep into books (with covers and pages) that makes everything all right. Imagination snatches us away from realities and states of the world and our own sh*t and everybody else’s too. I had forgotten how much I imagined this year, with not much time due to my own writing and travels and life changes…but I am grateful I found these special titles focused on African-American life or by African-American authors. Any one is worth a check, but I super enjoyed Saint Monkey and Ruby and Ms. Butler’s surprise Unexpected Stories on the fiction side, and Everybody’ Got Something and Things I Should Have Told My Daughter on the non-fiction side. I do, however, hope to have more to choose from in 2015.

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