Appreciating Miss Long

Heard it’s Nia Long Appreciation Day. I’m here for it.

Here are some of my favorite interviews and appearances from her.

What’s your fave Nia Long film? That’s really hard, yet still after all these years I have to say “Love Jones“.

But… “Fatal Affair” almost took its place. Don’t judge me! We were in lockdowns with nowhere to go, so Omar and Nia were coming in for the save.

It’s still streaming on Netflix and tons of other Nia Long films are elsewhere online to stream or rent. Spend your Friday or weekend night watching a Nia film. I recently enjoyed “Roxanne, Roxanne” and “The Banker” as well- both stories of black culture and contribution in America. The internet and social media are great and all, but if the public doesn’t show they want to see Black women through spending their time and money on us, then black women don’t get seen or paid to keep making more work with black women and people in mind. Have a great weekend!

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