Read my new story “No Comment” in Helen Presents: Friday Night Specials.

I am happy to find myself part of the Friday Night Specials creative artistry feature of the Helen* literary magazine blog. I am so grateful to the editors who found a place for the excerpt of my longer work “No Comment.” The full work did not fit with their upcoming print issue’s theme, but they still wanted to share the story with their audience.

“No Comment” is excerpted from my novelette of the same name, about a Las Vegas to New York transplant who buys a one-way train ticket to leave the Big Apple, unfulfilled wishes and her abusive relationship behind. Helen is a print and digital literary magazine focused on the culture of Nevada and Las Vegas. If you get a chance to read “No Comment” I’d like to know your thoughts and responses about the character and issues she raises. Thank you for reading…

It is especially nice to appear in Helen during March, Women’s History Month. Here are the facts behind the name…*From Helen: The name ‘Helen’ was inspired by the “First Lady of Las Vegas,” Helen J. Stewart, a pioneer who helped forge the valley in the 1880s. Find out more about our namesake in Margie Klein’s post here.

If you have a Nevada or Vegas-inspired work to share, here is information on how to Submit.

Helen a literary magazine

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7 thoughts on “Read my new story “No Comment” in Helen Presents: Friday Night Specials.

  1. Beautiful description of a heart moving life, my Dear Kalisha! The characters are brought out really well indeed. Kudos.

    And Kudos on All Your Tremendous output!

    Your paragraphs are a bit too long for my poor old eyes!

    Love and Regards.

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    1. Hello Yesudas, THANK YOU so much for reading No Comment. Awwww….you are spirit and heart young for sure, I can tell. And thank you for reminding me about the paragraphs. That is actually a technical mistake. I have been meaning to contact the editors about posting a correct version, so I will do that right now actually…. 🙂 Many blessings, Kalisha

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      1. My Dear Kalisha, I do not exactly know what being ‘young’ in the Spirit is! But anyway, Thanks! 🙂

        Thanks for the Love and Blessings. The Same to You and Yours.

        Btw, the link to Your site from ‘Helen’ lands up in 404. It works correctly from Your ‘About.’ You have have to look it up.


        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are welcome! Thank you for letting me know. We actually fixed the paragraphs because your alert let me know to send the email I had put off. I will check the link. Turns out the story is really popular, so I want it right! More and more blessings, Kalisha

        Liked by 1 person

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