I have been featured on BlogHer.


I did not think my thoughts on ‘The Color Purple’ and ‘Beloved’ films were all that important or profound, but that is why we write. Others need to hear what we are thinking or affirm their thoughts through our words, and decide the meaning and weight for themselves. Actually, my essay on the two films forked off from a standard list I did on black women’s film adaptations and became a work of its own. The combination of the two was getting far too long.

BlogHer.com, sponsor and spearheader of National Blog Posting Month (which I am sticking with daily, including this post and announcement), liked my thoughts enough to feature them in the Entertainment section this past Thursday. Considering the enormous number of posts uploaded daily to the site at a time like this, when thousands of people are doing NaBloPoMo, it is staggering to know my work stood out.

At the November halfway mark, it is just the validation I need to forge ahead until the end of this critical month (also National Novel Writing Month, which for me means more novel completion and revision than Page 1 to end novel writing). As I am learning from this experience just what type of blogger I really am, which may not be daily but certainly is more frequent than my past sporadic essays, it feels good to know variety and impulse can still work. It just goes to show you how important it is to keep with your promises to write and believe others will always read. Happy writing! To read the story featured on BlogHer, click here: Important and Troubling Book-to-Film Issues in My Favorite Movies: ‘The Color Purple’ and ‘Beloved.’ Thanks BlogHer!



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