My story “Personals” appears in The Stockholm Review of Literature…

I am always amazed to receive a reminder of how small our world really is: via overseas travel, conversation with a foreign visitor, a special event featuring a foreign of immigrant creative, a translated book on the shelf. And, foreign journals…

I am so thankful The Stockholm Review of Literature has published my short story, “Personals,” alongside a global menagerie of writers originating from Europe to America to Iran. The story follows a web of interconnected strangers plagued by urban alienation and internet safety issues across a nameless online platform.

I am also thankful to artist writer, translator, lyricist and photographer Randi Ward ( for the beautiful and apt cover art to my words. You may click on her image to redirect to my story. Thanks for reading!

Featured Image -- 2035
“Personals” cover photo, by Randi Ward

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