Spirit of Writing Week 4: The Secret Of Getting Ahead is Getting Started…


You really don’t have time to be worried about other people and wasting energy to criticize others’ ideas. The purpose of this post is to help anyone push past limitations of walking around with just your idea because you believe it is not good enough. Or, maybe you believe other writers did it first or better and your work could never possibly compare. Release the thoughts to grow into a tangible and fully-formed manuscript unique to you and only you. Everyone starts somewhere. The important thing is to start.

Today or when you feel ready, write something you see as possibly turning into a longer piece, seeing through or really working with for a very long time. Like…every single day. Just let go. Write about anything, but remember to think about genre (last week’s post). Try to stick with who you are or go with what is most comfortable for you. No one else. Start now.

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2 thoughts on “Spirit of Writing Week 4: The Secret Of Getting Ahead is Getting Started…

    1. Thank you! No problem and yes, some friends who have DVR say it’s on there.. The episode is called Games People Play and I believe there is a preview up on their website. Hope you enjoy it!

      Happy writing,


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