Marion Ettlinger’s Author Photos: Black Writers Shot by Famed Literary Photographer

 About Marion Ettlinger: Marion Ettlinger graduated from the High School of Music and Art and The Cooper Union in New York City. She has been photographing writers since 1983. Her book Author Photo, Portraits: 1983-2002, containing more than 200 black-and-white portraits shot exclusively in natural light, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2003 (bio courtesy of Marion

All photographs by Marion Ettlinger.

Author April ReynoldsMajor Jacksongloria naylor Debra J. DickersonMosley_01_body SoniaSanchezEdwidge DanticatTayari JonesNikki-Giovanni-by-Marion-Ettlinger1PatriciaSmith2BEST Terry McMillanJunot Diaz   ZZ PackerRachel-Eliza-Griffiths by Marion Ettlinger

From Top to Bottom: novelist April Reynolds, poet Major Jackson, novelist Gloria Naylor, journalist and memoirist Debra J. Dickerson, novelist and playwright Walter Mosley, poet Sonia Sanchez, novelist and essayist Edwidge Danticat, novelist Tayari Jones, poet Nikki Giovanni, poet Patricia Smith, novelist Terry McMillan, writer Junot Diaz, story writer Z.Z. Packer, poet Rachl Eliza Griffiths.

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9 thoughts on “Marion Ettlinger’s Author Photos: Black Writers Shot by Famed Literary Photographer

  1. Hello, Kalisha! Can’t remember having read a whole book by any Black Author, more, perhaps, the pity. Have always marvelled at the prowess of our Black Brothers and Sisters in Sports, their Grace, and have appreciated many Black Actors and Actresses. 🙂

    Qua writers, Read some of Yours, of course, as well as on ‘Amoa’ in the blogs. Regards.


      1. Hi Yesudas! Yes you bring up a real truth also experienced by Americans: they know Black people on television holding microphones and footballs, but not books. We do get reputations mostly as athletes and entertainers. Any one of these authors is great and so underappreciated. And thank you for reading me of course!!!

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      2. In my case, my Dear Kalisha, I do not hold Black People as Un-Educated or Unwise. On the Contrary. It is just that during the years when I was reading books, (now I do not have the time!), I never seemed to come across a Black author! …Regards. 🙂


      3. After writing my earlier response, want to add this: Among the People whom I have not only held in High esteem, but also Emulated are: Booker T. Washington, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr. 🙂


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