The People Like Us Who Live in Places Like This*

6-month old Jonylah Watkins, shot to death 5 times in Chicago, March 11, 2013 My mind hadn't really caught up, yet. If not for my new early evening coffee habit, I still might not know that the 6-month old child who was shot to death in a Chicago drive-by suffered her fatal injuries right around the … Continue reading The People Like Us Who Live in Places Like This*

I love mad Black women even if no one else does…

In the elite class of  First Ladies in which she resides and with nearly 50 predecessors before her, Mrs. Obama ranks among Abigail Adams, Mary Todd Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacqueline Kennedy in terms of recognition, studiousness, diligent work and an identity of her own entirely separate from her world-leading husband.


Any African-American who achieves a fraction of what they set out to do in life will tell you a peaceful, unencumbered path is impossible. Some of us quietly accept prejudice and discrimination, and probably are better off for it. Others, like myself I can admit, talk very loudly. Both coping styles carry their toll and price.