Celebrating Adele with Oprah

I’m loving Oprah and Adele together for the singer’s one-on-one interview, concert special. I wasn’t expecting anything but candor and laughs with these two together. They aren’t disappointing. Woman to woman, indeed.

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First time I saw (or heard) Adele perform was “Chasing Pavements” on David Letterman, maybe a decade ago. Found out later it was her American live television debut, but at the time it was just an interesting and strong voice that distracted me to sit down to listen to a whole song.

Chicago has turned, overnight, into quite an intentional Fall. The pumpkins provided the orange all of October but that’s turned on the falling leaves, lots of bronze and gold ones I just noticed decorate the courtyard and tree clusters. With the dark upon us all so quickly, and retailers on their #BlackFriday games months in advance, it does feel like holiday music special time already. I appreciate hearing a new classic like “Someone Like You” live but feel like I’m missing a cup of warm, spiked egg nog to go perfectly with it.

Thanks Adele and O for blessing us with a little holiday concert to commemorate the start to spending all our money until next year, right? The wise personal tidbits in between are the best and feels like Adele’s lived twice her years as a woman, mother and professional in show biz. As for the weight discussion I’m glad they had, these ladies both look beautiful, powerful and serene. Health always comes before weight. More self-made women in media, please. #Goals

“Adele One Night Only” Oprah Winfrey interview, image courtesy of Los Angeles Times

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