My Story IN 21 DAYS as part of Winter Tangerine Review’s “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Project

I am happy and proud for the beautiful opportunity to be featured in this project published by Winter Tangerine Review. My story “In 21 Days” appears. I wrote the story to provide my energy to the reality of a disproportionate number of Black Americans who are sentenced to hard time or who await the death penalty.

Thank you to editor Yasmin Belkyhr and other editors for not only finding my work worthy of notice in this effort to commemorate Trayvon Martin’s birthday, in context of where we are today in American racial activism, but also for featuring black American voices who matter and have much to say during this turbulent time. Read my work in the collection including me, as well as Chicago artist and recent University of Chicago Logan Center for the Arts Fellow Krista Franklin among others, here.

Hands Up Don't Shoot

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