My work, Remembering Director Mike Nichols Through His Movies, featured on BlogHer.

Read my piece “Remembering Director Mike Nichols Through His Movies” over at BlogHer (click the image).

On Thanksgiving, I went to my Google+ account to add to the chorus of individuals who recognize ’tis the season to be jolly- but also to be giving; I support initiatives such as Hunger Is and No Kid Hungry, and Thanksgiving is a more than apt time to ask others in our world to join me. In the email address associated with that public Gmail account, I was informed (again) I was featured on BlogHer during this National Blog Posting Month: this time, for my reflection on Mike Nichols’ works I admire.

You can read it There or Here. It was one essay I wish I had done so much more with, and some thoughts I wanted to edit in had haunted me in recent days but I had been too busy. Apparently, there was no need. How many times have we strived to be “perfect” when it was not necessary?

For the first time in my life outside of brutal terms in college, and I hope not the last, I said I was going to write and publish every day and I actually did. And, when I wrote this essay, I did not want to write a thing at all because the world was sending me signals my voice and others’ voices did not matter. However, my feelings to focus on art as a failsafe saving grace at all times reached people anyway and affirmed my voice as heard, essential, inspiring and entertaining in these challenging times.

Furthermore, daily writing and reading and editing and wrestling with 400 pages of a wannabe-novel can actually fry your brain and crumple your bones. No, really, it can. Fried brains and crumpled bones have a harder time receiving a purpose and point and means to write, so “Thanks, BlogHer!” for the encouragement and for helping me out.

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