My new novel SOLEMN debuts in Hermeneutic Chaos Journal…

I am grateful to editor Shinjini Bhattarcharjee and her pretty, smart, light and free online literary journal Hermeneutic Chaos. It has published the first public peek at my latest novel, Solemn. The story follows a brave and strident girl fated to tragedy in her Mississippi trailer park, where the world around her begins to unravel after a child and woman’s disappearances.

The editor invited all writers to participate in a Symposium about their work, and to also record their work. I never realized what a benefit it could be for more writing to be recorded aloud and heard online, not only for people with sight handicaps but also for hands-busy readers who might listen even if they can’t hold a book. The benefit for me was hearing the work outside of my own head for the very first time, and realizing what was most rich about it and also what contents held seeds to develop throughout the rest of the novel.

The portion of the novel from which the excerpt is drawn comes very early on, to settle readers into the American Southern location I depict throughout. I appear alongside other authors from America and abroad in the November 2014 Issue 5: a mixture of poetry, prose, visuals and audio. Please take the time to get cozy with my words and others’, to share and experience these works for yourself. And, most contributors appear in a companion “Audio Journal,” kinda like an AudioBook. Thanks so much everyone!

For Soundcloud Audio Version, Click Here.

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8 thoughts on “My new novel SOLEMN debuts in Hermeneutic Chaos Journal…

      1. My Dear Kalisha, the novel is coming along well. In spite of my wandering away to blog and twitter! I find that my ‘Action’ parts just flow, and the philosophical ones take a whale of a time! 🙂


      2. Ha ha yes, the online balancing act is very, very real! As a matter of fact, after this year, I am removing Internet from my home like I did when I was in a PhD program and I could use the Internet on campus. I would want so badly to go home at night that my Internet time stayed limited to what was most important and good for me. So, I will return to that method. Yep, that’s my pattern as well. Some parts fly and some hold me up forever. Keep writing, and everything in moderation 🙂

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