A Powerful 2017 For Us All…

We can all magnify our voices this year, to make some serious contributions and change some lives. I hope you take your ideas and visions- a new business, more love in your relationships, superior health, more education- to new heights. Know that many people will be touched by your dreams and efforts. I hope I can do a little of that for you this year. Continue reading

“Spirit of Writing” is now a class at The Eckleburg Workshops…hope to work with you!

I am so happy I found an opportunity through The Eckleburg Workshops to teach online starting July 5, 2015, in a combination writing/life skills course called “The Spirit of Writing.” I posted the mini-class weekly here on Negression last Fall. The course is meant to draw people like I used to be, a buried creator and bustled imaginer the world was worse off without. For more info or to join, visit: http://eckleburgworkshops.com/courses-2/spirit-of-writing/spirit-of-writing-july-2015-kalisha-v-buckhanon/. Continue reading

Kalisha’s story “Who Killed Her?” appears in Black Renaissance Noire.

Read an excerpt from Kalisha’s story “Who Killed Her?” If you are in the New York area, RSVP to the Friday, May 1, Black Renaissance Noire 15.1 launch party at NYU. Continue reading