Negress: a woman of African descent | digression: a departure from the main subject in speech or writing

negression.com is an elegant retreat, cultural diary, eclectic blend of candid features engaging the arts, culture, women and justice from Kalisha Buckhanon‘s Black female perspective, including occasional interviews with emerging creators and thinkers.

About: Kalisha Buckhanon is a writer, speaker and commentator creating stories and media about African-Americans, women, love, and justice. Read her full bio at Kalisha.com.




Dear Visitors,

Welcome, and thanks for reading my work here. Since I was 18 and left home to follow my literary and publishing callings, and discovered I would arrive in elite or mainstream spaces as a Black woman “minority,” I had to teach myself that my unique ideas and interests mattered.

I had to work on projects, books and teams- or many times alone- just for me, a group of people like me and a group of people unlike me but just as open to my kind of human as Western education forced me to be to theirs. I started negression because I write daily. However academia, media and publishing are known slow-moving worlds; though I am not sure most things I write are good enough for people to spend time on, occasionally what strikes me to write about is important enough for me to risk putting it out there anyway. negression let me privilege the work and its meanings whenever I wanted to.

Also, after three degrees and three novels, I was not going to scramble and beg for my thoughts or what I felt mattered to be on spaces that were not created with me in mind anyway. I get the mantra and old school advice to “Stay humble.” But I also believe Black people and of course women get talked out of believing we are as good as we are. So, “Stay humble” is never advice I give to Blacks or women. We aren’t the ones who need it.

Here is no hierarchy– which I have learned experience, work and accomplishment may not necessarily boost my Negress self up to an equal or appropriate point of anytime soon. Here is no clickbait or the same old images and tired conversations on Black Americans or women. Here I dive into both triumphant and painful things, known and unknown things, and Black and “Other” things in pretty equal measure. I have been blessed with experiences like learning TV One producers found one of the few thoughtful essays on a sadly obscure case here on negression, so they invited me to comment on the case for a national network television show, or that people found information about an unfamous woman that they had not seen anywhere else. I was meant to write those things, unencumbered by agendas and expectations. I like when stories are just meant.

My plate is always full because my cup always runs over with new energy, ideas and passion to say important things and start new projects. I will promise to do that as much as I can here. Thanks for reading and appreciating these things that matter to me.

Blessings, Kalisha