Little Rock Nine, Four Little Girls, and One Confederate Flag: A Retrospective

One way to move this tragedy and the deceased in it past public ephemera and into history is to forever connect the loss of their lives to a national symbolic act against domestic terrorism: the legally-mandated abolition of our Confederate flag, and civil prosecution of anyone who waves it. Continue reading

“We have to give our black girls “the Talk”- and it’s not about sex…”…my essay on the horrifying McKinney, Texas, injustice, on…

Racial profiling does not discriminate by gender…it’s time to tell our black girls the police may not be working for them. Continue reading

“Spirit of Writing” is now a class at The Eckleburg Workshops…hope to work with you!

I am so happy I found an opportunity through The Eckleburg Workshops to teach online starting July 5, 2015, in a combination writing/life skills course called “The Spirit of Writing.” I posted the mini-class weekly here on Negression last Fall. The course is meant to draw people like I used to be, a buried creator and bustled imaginer the world was worse off without. For more info or to join, visit: Continue reading