Read my story ARRESTING THE HOGS in 5Stories.

Read my story ARRESTING THE HOGS, on urban friendship and black women in the city, in the latest issue of 5Stories. I give a little sneak-peek below. However before that, many thanks and big appreciation to Cresco Books for including my work in this global endeavor. I actually met this project here in WordPress, so social media can serve its right purposes sometimes!

You can visit Stories Omnibus here in WordPress or the e-publishing house’s website Cresco Books. In addition to publishing 5Stories, Cresco Books publishes novels, novellas and story collections in e-format only to further its healthy ecosystem mission. Check out some of their Indian and American authors.

Click on the image to purchase the issue  where my story appears. Thanks for reading guys!

5 Stories

From “Arresting the Hogs: A Story

Pat thought the only person who could understand her and all she had to be upset about was Sheila, if Sheila could make it down from all her own concerns upstairs—to visit, eat, talk and smoke together with her, once in a while. Or, every day. Sheila caught Pat downstairs as usual, bouncing the foster infant in her arms, then on her lap, with such an unaware fury the usually aloof or withdrawn child giggled and listened and heard.

“What you cook today?” Sheila asked Pat.

“Girl it was too hot to cook today,” Pat told her.

“Who you tellin? You got a cigarette?”

“My case on the counter.”

“Thank you. Good God. Seem like she just gettin bigger every day.”

“She shole is. She a healthy little thing. Just as alert as she can be. Oh…hold on a minute. You gotta light it on the stove. I had to get rid of all the lighters.”

“For what?”

“For what you think?”

“How I’m s’posed to know? I ain’t no mind reader, Pat…”

“Just light your cigarette, sit down and I’ll tell you…”

-Kalisha Buckhanon

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